I cannot believe that this will be my last pregnancy update here on my blog. I feel like this pregnancy flew by!
Before I start, I want to be clear that I’m writing this blogpost postpartum. So yes!! Baby Olivia is here and turned 3 weeks yesterday 🙂

Week 40 was very short, as I reached my due date on September 29th and delivered on September 30th. I won’t get into too many details about Birth day because I plan on writing a separate blogpost on that topic.


September 29th came and I was still at work. It was definitely very challenging working all the way up to due date but I’m very happy I was able to get through it, as I was trying my hardest to save my time for when the baby was born. I’m very blessed that I’ll get to spend 12 weeks with my baby at home.


Anyways, September 30th came and I was getting ready for another day of work at 40 weeks, 2 days pregnant. However, once I stepped out of the shower my water broke and labor officially started.


I had not felt all that great for the last couple of days, especially the last 2 days. My body had been achy, crampy and I felt “different” which made me think Olivia would be coming soon. And I was right.

Because I felt under the weather, I did not get a chance to take pictures on my due date. So when my water broke, I made sure to document this week. These pictures were literally taken a couple minutes prior to leaving to the hospital, which makes it even more special to me because they also represent the exact day Olivia was born. Don’t let my smile fool you. I had to pause and focus hard between contractions. Also, lets not talk about the amount of times I had to change my leggings. It’s crazy the amount of “water” you keep gushing out as the day goes on.


So here we go! Last pregnancy update… so bittersweet!

How far along? 40 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: 133lbs. Total weight gain of 23lbs.
Maternity clothes: Yes for 90% of time but, just as the rest of my pregnancy, I can still wear non-maternity loose fitting clothing . 
Stretch marks: None, which is very exciting since this is the end! I’ve used mostly coconut oil all over my body in the last couple of weeks.
Sleep: Not so great. I’ve had lot of menstrual-like cramps and body chills at night time, which I’m pretty sure are practice contractions. I was also craving my bed more than ever, as if nature was telling me to nest.
Best moment this week: Giving birth and meeting my baby girl Olivia 🙂
Miss anything? Sleep
Movement: Yes, she has been running out of space and I feel every stretch and kick. 
Food cravings: None
Anything making you queasy or sick? Just occasional heart burn.
Gender: Girl
Labour signs: Yes. Tons of pressure and braxton hicks contractions..
Belly button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy most of the time. Nonetheless, extremely tired.

Looking forward to: Being home on maternity leave with my baby.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for following my Pregnancy journey and being so supportive. Your encouraging and loving comments mean a lot to me.
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