Dear family, friends and readers….

l have spent the past 3 months holding back. I’ve been wanting to write all of you for a long time, however, staying quiet made it less real. Now that my grieving period has subsided (and having my surgery schedule 3 days from now) I am here to tell you that I’ve been diagnosed with cancer re-ocurrence.

I remember when I first got diagnosed with Thyroid cancer back in 2009. My doctor called me with the news and my entire world stopped….my clock paused, and I was there standing alone without knowing where to go.
Six years later, and for the second time, it doesn’t get any easier. Why me, again? Have I done something terrible to deserve this?
There are no real answers, nonetheless, I’ve learnt that some people are destined to be tested. My life hasn’t been easy but I know I can get through another challenge, once again.

Life is hard at times, but more importantly, life is a gift…and I’m not ready to give up (just yet!).
For those who know me personally, or have followed me for years,  you certainly know that I am stubborn. I am not one to give up, I fight for my values, my goals, my loved ones, and I will fight for my life!

Despite the moments when I cry and I’m scared, I am conscious that I’m blessed to have so many of you who care and will pray for me. For this reason, I carry on with a smile. I picked this picture because it represents so much of me. I had just learnt of my diagnosis a few days prior to this picture being taken. I’m at my most natural state, unaware of being photographed, sightseeing, discovering, learning…. and SMILING!

KristenMee California

I know this journey won’t be easy, but I’m choosing to look at the glass half full…there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, always something to learn, and I know I will come out of this even stronger.

Please understand my silence at times. Please know that I appreciate all of your thoughtful messages and/or phone calls.
I ask you to be positive, rather than feeling sorry for me. I utterly believe in the power of prayers and positive energy.

Don’t cry, just smile! Let’s all envision a happy ending, not only for me, but for many of those suffering around the world.

We can do this!!

With love… yours truly,