As I’m writing this post (while sipping on hot chocolate), I am missing the warm weather of LA. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live in warmth all year around. There is something to be said about the relation of our moods with the amount of sun we’re exposed to. I personally feel at my best during the warm seasons. What about you?

LA food


This was my first time in LA but I found it to be very similar to what I had envisioned. The city is very eclectic, multi-cultural and BIG! You can be enjoying the peaceful beach in Malibu and drive a couple of miles to be right in the middle of chaotic downtown LA.



We stayed for a couple of days before we started our road trip to San Francisco. I enjoyed lots of great food, hikes, and sightseeing. Therefore, decided to share some of these moments with you.


I hope you enjoy the video!
xo Kristen